Direct hotline


To get a rough quotation fee regarding your shipment, please use the following tool.


  • Rates quoted are inclusive of fuel and handling charges, subject to change without prior notice.
  • Shipment(s) is re-weighted electronically at our facilities for billing purpose.
  • Any fraction of kilograms over the weight takes the next higher rate.
  • Volumetric weight charges are based on the higher of Actual or Volumetric Weight based on International Air Transport Association (IATA) volumetric standards. Formula: L (cm) x W (cm) x H (cm) / 5000
  • All shipments are subject to Parcel to Post standard condition of carriage, which can be found at www.parceltopost .com
  • In the events of complaints, you may contact our customer service at +(6)03-3362 5666